How to Find All Mr. Raccoon Locations in Resident Evil 2 (2023)

Resident Evil 2 is a popular survival horror game that features various collectibles and hidden items. One of the collectibles in the game is the Mr. Raccoon toys, which can be found in different locations throughout the game. In this guide, we will provide a detailed walkthrough on how to find all the Mr. Raccoon locations in Resident Evil 2, as well as what to do with them to unlock the Infinite Knife.

Where to Find Mr. Raccoon

To unlock the Infinite Combat Knife, you need to find and destroy all 15 Mr. Raccoon toys scattered throughout the game. These toys are hidden in different areas, and some of them can only be accessed by specific characters. Here is a detailed list of all the Mr. Raccoon locations:

  1. Police Station 1F - West Office: From the Main Hall, enter the West Office on the first floor. The Mr. Raccoon can be found on top of a cabinet on the right side of the room.
  2. Police Station 2F West - STARS Office: When entering the STARS Office via the Shower Room, head to the rightmost side of the office. The Mr. Raccoon is between a stack of boxes and a computer monitor.
  3. Police Station 1F East - Break Room: When playing as Leon, head into the other room connected to the Break Room and check the Bunk Bed ahead of you. The Mr. Raccoon will be dancing by the base of the bed, behind some duffel bags.
  4. Police Station - 2F East Hall: When playing as Claire, go to the East Hall 3rd floor via the Chief's Office. Unlock the door using the Diamond Key, and the Mr. Raccoon will be in front of you by the stairs.
  5. Police Station 3F East - Room South of East Storage Room: From the East Storage Room, head to the door that unlocks with the Heart Key. The Mr. Raccoon will be on top of the shelves immediately to your left. This can only be found by Claire.
  6. Police Station 4F West - Clock Tower: Explore the Clock Tower area and find a door opposite the entrance from the Main Hall. Enter this door and continue following the path until you reach a dead end. The Mr. Raccoon will be on the window to your left.
  7. Police Station B1 - Firing Range: When entering the Firing Range, immediately face left and aim your gun. The Mr. Raccoon will be found on the floor just below a fallen target board.
  8. Behind RPD - Bus: After entering the bus, look to the front at the Bus' dashboard to find the Mr. Raccoon Toy. This can only be found by Claire.
  9. Orphanage 2F - Nursery: When entering the Nursery from the Main Lobby, the Mr. Raccoon can be found in one of the Square Drawers directly in front of you. This can only be found by Claire when she rescues Sherry from the Orphanage.
  10. Sewers - Sewer Entrance: After the Giant Alligator encounter, Ada will drop a ladder down to you. Look in the opposite direction to find the Mr. Raccoon sitting on a ledge. This can only be found by Leon. Make sure to get this as this area cannot be accessed later on.

Please note that there are five more Mr. Raccoon locations, and you can find the detailed list in the source article .

Unlocking the Infinite Knife

Finding and destroying all Mr. Raccoons is required to unlock the Infinite Combat Knife. This powerful weapon becomes helpful later on when tackling harder difficulties or aiming for an S-Rank. Once you have destroyed all 15 Mr. Raccoon toys, the Infinite Combat Knife will be unlocked and available for use.

Other Infinite Weapons

In addition to the Infinite Combat Knife, there are other infinite weapons that can be unlocked in Resident Evil 2. These weapons include the Samurai Edge LE5 SMG, Infinite Minigun, and ATM-4 Rocket Launcher. Each weapon has its own requirements for unlocking, and they can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.


Finding all the Mr. Raccoon locations in Resident Evil 2 can be a challenging task, but it is worth the effort to unlock the Infinite Combat Knife. By following this guide and exploring the various areas of the game, you will be able to collect all the Mr. Raccoon toys and enjoy the benefits of the Infinite Combat Knife. Good luck on your journey through Raccoon City!

Note: The information provided in this article is based on the source article and personal gameplay experience.


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